Fall 2019


The day class is the main class at TegneskoleKBH.
It is open for students at all levels, though it is recommended that you have some experience with drawing, before signing up.
This course is for ambitious students, who wish to dive deep into the nature of classical drawing.

It will cover all aspects of classical drawing including:

Portrait drawing
Figure drawing (long and short poses)
Still life
you will also be introduced to classical painting.

Classes are held four days a week, six hours per day:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and thursday from 09-15 all four days.

This way you have the opportunity to join the course, while also working a part time job.

Payment for this course can be divided into smaller portions.
If this sounds right for you, then call this number (70 22 21 09) before you sign up, or contact for more info.



Will Weston

Will Weston’s 156,000 Instagram followers know him as a master draftsman whose blackboard drawings break down complex forms and concepts into lessons that can make any artist better. 

Saturday’s class will be about figure drawing by nude model. It addresses figure construction, lighting, gesture, anatomy, and figure composition. In addition to figure basics, students are taught fundamental narrative composition, the use of line, mass and form in drawing, and basic figure composition.

Sunday is dedicated to figure drawing by costumed model. Students use the simple figure learned during the nude figure workshop as a mannequin for drawing the costumed figure. This workshop covers basic folds, manufactured folds as used in modern clothing, and the use of line, mass and form to create an effective drawing.

Evening classes

The evening classes are designed for students who want to develop their artistic language a little bit, but do not have time during the day.



If you are very ambitious about your own artistic development, you should sign up for the day class and not the evening class, which can offer only a slight glimpse into the world of classical drawing, due to fewer hours.

 A complete list of all classes can be found HERE